About Tiska Wembley

The club has members ranging from beginner level to 2nd Dan (Nidan) Black Belt. Members come from a broad range of professional and social backgrounds.  Students range from 4 years old, through to adults. All classes are mixed together, creating a relaxed, family-like atmosphere.

Gradings are held regularly throughout the year, where students take an exam to achieve their next grade. For many young students this promotes self-confidence and a sense of achievement and motivation. 

Additionally, students participate in courses run by Shihan Sahota and take part in an annual TISKA National Competition, giving students the opportunity to demonstrate the skills they have learnt and developed through their training.


TISKA Karate is something that parents and their children can do together. There are many examples where parents and there children have gone all the way to black belt together and take the belt test on the same day. I always encourage parents to give it a go, particularly those who generously give their time to bring their children along, and find themselves sitting through classes week after week kicking no more than their feet. 

Classes in Wembley

The Club Instructor

Mr Patel is a 5th Dan Black Belt who started Karate at the age of 7 and has been continuously training over the past 25 years, under the guidance of the Chief Instructor Sensei G Sahota.

Over the years Mr Patel has competed in various events at TISKA championships in team and individual events. He also attends regular courses & master course held by the Chief Instructor Shihan G Sahota in order to further his practice.

Mr Patel took over the Wembley club in 2015, where the club has continued to grow as in previous years.

Mr Patel is enhanced, CRB checked & TISKA is a member of the Governing Body.

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The Intermediate (Int) grade is for juniors under the age of 14 years, apart from the 1st Dan Intermediate grade, which is for Juniors and Seniors

Beginners White Belt
10th Kyu Blue Belt
9th Kyu Red Belt
8th Kyu Orange Belt
7th Kyu Yellow Belt
6th Kyu Int Yellow with Green Tag
6th Kyu Green Belt
5th Kyu Int Green with Purple Tag
5th Kyu Purple Belt
4th Kyu Int Purple with White Tag
4th Kyu Purple/White Belt
3rd Kyu Int Purple/White with Brown Tag
3rd Kyu Brown Belt
2nd Kyu Int Brown with White Tag
2nd Kyu Brown/White Belt
1st Kyu Int Brown/White with Red Tag
1st Kyu Brown/Red Belt
1st Dan Int Brown/Black Belt
1st Dan Black Belt


  • Bow to Sensei (Teacher) as soon as you see him/her.
  • Be ready to start your lesson (Remove Socks, Shoes, Jackets).
  • Bow before you enter or leave the Dojo.
  • Students should address each other by Surname.
  • Line up in grade order, quickly and quietly.
  • If told to relax, straighten your Gi quickly and quietly.
  • If Sensei corrects you, you bow and respond "Oss Sensei".
  • Drinks should NOT be consumed in the Dojo.
  • At the end of the session, after the bow in your line, all students should approach Sensei for a final bow as a line of respect, as you do when you arrive for training.



  • "Hitotsu! Jinkaku Kansei ni Tsutomuru Koto!" (One! To Strive For The Perfection of Character!)

  • "Hitotsu! Makoto No Michi O Mamoru Koto!" (One! To Defend The Paths Of Truth!)

  • "Hitotsu! Doryoku No Seishin O Yashinau Koto!" (One! To Foster The Spirit Of Effort!)

  • "Hitotsu! Reigi O Omonzuru Koto!" (One! To Honour The Principles of Etiquette!)

  • "Hitotsu! Kekki No Yu O Imashimuru Koto!" (One! To Guard Against Impetuous Courage!)